Updated list of Android podcasts

An updated list of Android podcasts to keep up with Android development. If you have a podcast related to Android ecosystem, feel free to contact me and I'll add it!

Android Developers Backstage Podcast

Android Developers Backstage

ADB podcast is hosted by developers from the Android engineering team. This show covers topics of interest to Android programmers and proposes interviews with engineers on the Android team at Google.

29 November 2018

Episode 104: Android Dev Summit

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Android Dialogs Podcast

Android Dialogs

Huyen Tue Dao and Chiu-Ki Chan propose videos bite-sized conversations with people from the Android community.

12 November 2018

Segun Famisa: Kotlin, Beyond the Basics + Functional Programming

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Android Leaks Podcast

Android Leaks

Android Leaks is a French Android podcast animated by Yannick Lemin and Benjamin Monjoie. They regularly invite Android rockstars to talk about what they built. They also talk about tools, best practices and much more!

20 January 2019

Épisode 50 – Le poireau stylé

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Android Snacks Podcast

Android Snacks

Mike Scamell proposes really short emission to sum up the Android actuality of the past week. Android Snacks is the TL;DR of last weeks Android developer news.

20 May 2018

Episode 40

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Fragmented Podcast


Fragmented podcast is animated by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal. They talk about Android platform tools, patterns and best practices. Occasionally, they interview popular android developers.

15 January 2019

149: Learning Kotlin: inline classes and Type driven design

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Talking Kotlin

Talking Kotlin

Talking Kotlin is a bimonthly podcast hosted by Hadi Hariri. In this podcast you'll learn stuff about Kotlin and much more...

29 July 2018

Kotlin at Shazam

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The Context Podcast

The Context

The Context podcast is hosted by Artem Zinnatullin, Hannes Dorfmann and Artur Dryomov. They invite guest in each episode to talk about a specific subject.

1 July 2018

Episode 20, Part 1: public final Agile

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