Miquel Beltran

Miquel Beltran

Miquel Beltran: No More □  —  Mastering Emoji on Android

31 July 2018 Podcast Miquel Beltran, Huyen Tue Dao
Android Dialogs Podcast Emoji

No More Tofu - Mastering Emoji on Android

13 April 2018 Slide Miquel Beltran
Chicago Roboto 2018

Say bye to Fragments with Conductor & Kotlin

30 March 2018 Video Miquel Beltran
Kotlin Fragment DroidKaigi 2018

Keep sanity with your versionCode

16 March 2018 Article Miquel Beltran
Clean Code

From AutoValue to Kotlin data class

19 May 2017 Article Miquel Beltran